Our Story

Purvi Desai, Founder & Creator

Growing up in beautiful India, I always saw my mom and grandmother making fresh face masks, hair conditioners and many other beauty packs using simple ingredients from the kitchen. This was the beginning of my strong interest in skincare. Moving forward many years; during my teenage years, just like many other girls I too was going through skin problems like acne, dry skin, uneven skin tones. To get the quick fix, I would buy over the counter products and makeup to hide and treat the problems. Nothing helped and that's when I went back to my roots and followed the 100% natural skincare regimen. I used simple kitchen ingredients like honey, lemon, turmeric, eggs, and yogurt to make face masks and within a week I could see amazing difference on my face. That was the beginning of my passion for making and trying different face masks and scrubs using just simple ingredients.

Earning a bachelors degree in Finance and working for Fortune 500 companies for 10 years, I realized how difficult it was to maintain healthy lifestyle and natural skincare routine. So I started creating my own fresh face scrubs, toners, & masks using herbs, fruit powder, clay & coconut butter. This was the beginning of my desire to purse Zaaina.

In 2010, I decided to leave my well paid manager position to follow my passion for creating pure and natural beauty products which enhances beauty inside out and ZAAINA SKINCARE was born.  If you wonder what ZAAINA means, it means "BEAUTIFUL"

We started our shop with 3 products: Clear Skin Face Mask, Clear Skin Face Scrub & Skin Clarifying Toner; since these were the products I was & still am using the most. Our customers started to love our products and quickly saw how amazing their skin was feeling with only few uses. Slowly, we started getting request of the products we didn't have and that was the beginning of our product expansion. Today we have more than 40 products, which our customers were looking for and asked us to make.

Zaaina products are all 100% pure, natural, and handmade; made with simple, well known and well recognized ingredients. Our products are all natural and does not contain Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives, Fragrances and Parabens. We do not conduct animal testing.  

All of our products have been inspired by the effective ingredients used for centuries from around the world. We use variety of organic herbs, fruit powders, various kind of clays, coconut butter, & pure essential oils. We believe NATURAL should be NATURAL; and how our skin feel so wonderful after using our products, we want the same for you.

We are located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona where we manufacture and package our products. Our products are handmade in small batched daily to maintain it's freshness and also to avoid very little to no waste. We ship products all over USA & around the world.