2020, a year that taught us the importance of washing hands, sanitize and how natural soap bars actually are good for us. 

Skin is the body's largest organ and is often the first to touch and absorb toxins, chemicals, and other substances. Often, we ignore the list of ingredients which are on the labels of commercialized products. 

Handwashing and cleansing should be soothing. According to Ayurveda tradition, bathing is considered a form of therapy. A daily bath, where you give yourself a moment to ease the day away can be a profoundly healing ritual to add to your daily life, especially in modern day society. 

Do you know natural are better for you and the environment?

* Most commercial soaps aren’t true soap at all. Often manufactured with synthetic ingredients, they’re similar to detergents. Natural soaps are made with oils, butters, herbs and essential oils.

* Glycerin is naturally found in plants and organically hydrates and keeps the skin soothed. Many commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from their products to increase their shelf life. 

* Handcrafted natural soaps are never tested on animals. 

* Purchasing handmade soap from small businesses means supporting community members. Commercial soap companies often make their products in factories with machines, not people.

* Handcrafted soap packaging is often sustainable.