Purvi Desai - Zaaina Skincare

Thank you for visiting our shop. My name is Purvi and I am the creator behind every product you see on our shop. I am also very happy to see you here! We at, Zaaina Skincare create an artisanal natural skin care products, formulated with simple and effective ingredients.

Our goal is to create an elevated experience for you by offering standout products and cultivate close relationship by offering personalized approach to our gift boxes and individual products. This sets us apart from many other shops.

We have more than 40 personal care products: soaps, bath bombs, candles, lip balms, face masks and gift boxes. Made with love and care, my team and I focus on the safety, quality and effectiveness of each ingredient to create products that are safe and able to nourish the whole family -- women, men and children included.

Zaaina products have been inspired by proven beauty secrets from around the world, and those that have lasted throughout generations. I grew up in India, surrounded by women who were constantly using their hands to create natural remedies, whether in cooking, baking, cleaning or in formulating their own skin care products. They  looked to the ingredients found in the kitchen to make their face masks and hair conditioners. My grandma enjoyed long lives with vivacious spirit and complexions free of deep wrinkles and fine lines. Her recipe for lasting health and beauty? Clean diets and homemade face masks, formulated with yogurt, honey, turmeric and chickpea powder. This inspired me to pursue creating my own clean beauty brand.

I hope you give our products a chance and I promise you will come back for more.